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Our First Lutheran Church Choir meets on Thursdays at 7pm.  During Advent & Lent rehearsals are held after the Wednesday Devotional Services, at 7:45pm.  Rehearsals typically are approxinmately one hour long. We do take a break (hiatus) each summer.  See Jean Bogue for more information.  Everyone is invited to participate.

Organ Music is graciously provided by Maggie Seaton during Church Services. We appreciate Tim Ponseti and David Elrod who assist when Maggie is otherwise engaged.

Piano Accompaniment is graciously provided by Paula Peterson on special occasions. We also welcome Lisa Langdon who will be assisting at times.

Our resident Cantor is Richard Mushorn, who assists at Sunday, Weekday, Funerals, and other Special Liturgies.


(The Lutheran Service Book-Missouri Synod is the norm for Hymns, Prayers, and the Order of Worship)


... did you know .....

. . .For Musical Assistance ... if you aren't familiar with the musical settings at the Eucharist ... go to ...

(if you aren't used to the nomenclature we typically use, the Sunday Liturgy is either Holy Communion, Setting 2, Setting 3, or the Service of Prayer & Preaching. You will find the form of Liturgy/Service in the blue "Calendar" section - pause your cursor over the "liturgy" you are inquiring about. right click and you will find what you seek there)

"Holy Eucharist, Settings"... 

(you can now hear the music we'll be using on Sunday - double click the Link below, e.g. -  locate "Divine Liturgy", choose "Service 2", choose "Lenten Acclamation" or choose "Nunc Dimittis")


- current members - 

Paula, Jean, Richard, Lisa S, Lara, Kay, Eric, Juanita, Richard N, Lisa L, Jim, Gilbert